Life Coaching testimonials

Having Craig as a coach has been a wonderful thing for me.  There are some things in my thinking I know I’ve needed to change, and I have been able to find some clear ways forward that suit me and my personality.

It is great to be challenged and guided, not told or pushed.  In helping me in these key life areas, I am able to apply them personally, professionally and socially.

Thanks heaps Craig!”

Phil (Small business owner, husband, dad, mentor)

“I recently found my self unemployed and with little idea for a way forward in my life. A friend of mine put me onto Craig suggesting he could help.

Our initial meeting consisted of a getting to know each other session prior to the block of six sessions he offered. During each session Craig endeavoured to create an atmosphere for safe discussion and opportunities to consider emotions, thoughts and attitudes I might not have normally done.

With a bit of prompting and a lot of encouragement and support, Craig guided me to find the answers within myself and to begin to see a new way of approaching various aspects of life. This in itself has given me more drive and improved my overall outlook on life.

I hope that we can continue to maintain our relationship and continue to work together to create a better future.”


“I have been very fortunate to have found Craig’s services when I was at a crossroad in my life. Before being coached by Craig I was unsure of where I was heading next in regards to career and location.

I now have a clear picture of what defines me. I have set goals in place for the future that have me extremely excited. Every week I have gained a clearer direction of where I am headed instead of going around in circles.

With Craig’s dedication and help I have become extremely motivated and focused on a bright future. Everyone has noticed the change in me and how I have such clarity on where I am heading next.

Some coaching days Craig really digs deep to help you find your own answers and encourages you to believe in your dreams and beliefs. If you are considering Life Coaching and or Mentoring I would thoroughly recommend Craig’s expertise.

Thank you Craig I have been truly blessed!”


I am in the process of life coaching sessions with Craig. I’ve found the things he shares in our sessions to be life changing but at times confronting.

The practical way Craig coaches, makes you think differently about things and puts the responsibility back on you for change.

“It’s our choice whether we choose to live above or below the line.

How does it serve us? We must be benefitting in some way if we continue to go back to old habits, but is it serving us well? “

I‘m finding as I’m getting used to this new way of thinking, that it’s becoming more natural to me, and Craig is there along the way encouraging, reinforcing, in a non judgmental or critical, but always supportive way so I can bring about changes in me and can attain the goals I want to achieve in my life.

To become the person I want to be, It’s about first Being, then Doing, then Having, and so often we get it around the wrong way.

I highly recommend Craig as a life coach. His professionalism and integrity as well as his life experience and warm personality make it a pleasure to be coached by him and so very worthwhile.