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Funeral Celebrant

The death of someone you love requires you to arrange a service that is fitting to say your final farewell..

But knowing how to plan the day when your emotions are still very raw can be overwhelming. So it can be a comfort to have someone who can help by listening, making suggestions to make the process easier - and to be present on the day to support you; ensuring that your farewell tribute is one that is fondly remembered by everyone.

I want to offer a personal touch as a Funeral Celebrant and help you - to create a memorable tribute and celebration of a life.

I have been helping others as a Celebrant for over 26 years, whether through funeral companies or as a personal celebrant and I understand really well, the impact of grief on families and the need to say goodbye.

Throughout my own experiences.. they have given me a real heart for others and I am grateful to have been able to walk a small part of people's journeys with them in a difficult time, where support is essential.

Please do feel free to read through the testimonials and to get in touch. I would be honoured to assist you in this difficult time.


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