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It’s not what you think you are but what you think you are!

“Whatever you let your mind dwell on will determine your direction for your future!”

The content of our thought life can determine the course of our daily lives. You can choose to emphasise and concentrate on faults or on positive qualities, goals, dreams and aspirations.

There is a big difference in the feeding habits of Vultures and Bees. Vultures fly overhead searching for dead animals.


The Vulture; loves those decaying carcasses!


When they spy a decaying animal, they swoop down to gorge themselves on the carcass.


Honey bees like the one in our picture, however, look only for sweet nectar. They are very discriminating as they search through flowers in a garden.

Just as the bees and vultures always find what they are looking for, so we will always find what we looking for in our lives.

If we focus on our faults or mistakes, we will always find them, and our daily attitudes will be coloured by the negative thoughts we dwell on.

However, if our daily quest is to find and affirm in ourselves the positives qualities we have and want in life, we will be surprised at how many good things we will find and how these findings will help our relationship with ourselves, others and the world we interact with.

We tend to choose either a negative or positive path for our lives by the way we think about it. Our experiences and the meaning we attach to them result in the building of our beliefs and the story we then live out of.

As we start a new year, I have been asking myself; What positive things do I want to see happen and accomplish in my life this year?

  • What story am I living out of?

  • How can I improve my thought life so as to find the nectar of life?

So ask yourselves the same questions:

  • How is your thought life shaping up this year?

  • What would you like to see happen?

Its not what you think you are!

But What You Think!

You Are!

If you are seeking change in your life cause you know there is more, If you are open to investing in your life to be coached, lets book in a coffee and make it happen.

Remember –

“He who takes action gets results”.

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